The Point of No Return

by Top Floor Climax

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released March 26, 2011

Ben van Eijk (Vocal, Keyboard)
Peter Stirling (Drums)
Engineered and mastered by Troy McCosker



all rights reserved


Top Floor Climax Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: You're Telling Me
You're telling me,
But I'm not telling you,
The faces and the things we have to be and have to do.

Now I'm not telling you,
But you're still telling me,
But I don't care cause I'm not listening I am living free.

I'm living free,
Won't you please exclude me,
I smoke and enjoy my health,
Oh yeah I do what I want and you can fuck yourself.
Because I'm living peacefully,
Oh let the judgment rain down upon me.

You're selling me,
Things that I don't need,
I might be a sinner but I have no lust for greed.

So I'm selling you,
Cause I got no reception,
And I am sick of all your lies and all your fucking deception.

Inside my head I let run loose my new imagination,
I celebrate your lack of control over my creation.
We could all do the same and sell our entertainment,
Transition to the written word would be sufficient payment.

Independent thought, or even thought at all,
Won't get us off our knees but we will speed up to a crawl.
Encouragement like this, is only the beginning,
We won't lose we'll do our best but we're not the ones winning.

You've stopped telling me I've stopped listening,
You're not telling me I'm not listening,
I'll be telling you you'll be listening,
I am telling you you better be listening,
You better be listening now.

That was me telling you,
Oh it's open to interpretation,
If you didn't understand then just use your imagination.

So I'm telling you,
About the red green and blue light,
My opinions may have changed but not the fact that I am right.
Track Name: Do It Right
I'm gonna do it tonight,
I'll get it done by tomorrow,
But if I plan it right,
I'll get it done by tonight.

I'm gonna do it right,
I'm gonna do it right,
I'm gonna do it right,
I'll get it done by tomorrow,

I made a plan tonight,
For what I should do tomorrow,
And if I planned it right,
I won't do anything tonight.

I'm gonna do it right,
I'm gonna do it right,
I'm gonna do it right,
I'll get it done by tomorrow,

I made a plan yesterday,
For what I should do tomorrow,
And now it's become today,
And I don't wanna do it tonight,
But if I do do it,
I'm gonna do it right.

I'm gonna do it right,
I'm gonna do it right,
I'm gonna do it right,
I'm gonna do it right.
Track Name: Design Is Not Art
There was a guy,
Who liked to do,
some certain things,
He liked to work,
And when he worked,
He liked to sing.

He loved to make,
And to create,
He used his heart,
He used his mind,
Paid for a design,
That he thought was art.

He got depressed when he got out of the seat that he had sat on,
To hand in art that would become design, and design is art that somebody shat on.

What's the difference between,
Art and pornography,
One sits in a magazine,
And one sits in an art gallery.

What's the difference between,
A work of art and a piece of design,
One is there to be heard or seen,
One is used exploit the blind.

And so this guy,
Devised a plan,
He had the will,
He knew the score,
And he was sure,
He had the skill.

But when he showed,
His favourite piece,
The director replied,
It's great it's true,
But I don't know you,
Maybe you should try design

But the guy had a problem with design, he had a shred of dignity,
He wouldn't sell his soul or his art unless it contained some originality.

So he worked on at his job,
waiting for a chance to prove himself again,
He didn't know who could trust,
He didn't know who was his friend,
Because all his colleagues had taken advertising,
Which means they're really good at lying.

So when they said,
we need a work of art,
And it's gotta look this way,
It shouldn't be a problem,
We'll you double time,
What do you say?

He said waaaaaaaaaaaaa-ooohh,
He said whooooaaaaaaaoooohh,
He said aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh,
He said nanananana-nononono

Track Name: Mother Nature Bring It On
A tree fell on my house the other day,
It fucked my car up and it blocked my driveway,
The second point is kind of moot,
But what the fuck did I do to you,
How am I going to to get to work,
Fuck you mother nature you jerk.

Mother nature bring it on!
If you fuck with me you won't be here for long,
I'll kick your ass,
You're not that strong,
I'll cut the grass,
And leave the lights on,

So for you I've got just one question,
Mother nature have you learnt your lesson?

I sit inside with the curtains drawn,
And the heat, lights and the A/C's on,
It's the perfect temperature,
I don't give a fuck about mother nature,
Don't talk to me about father time,
I got enough problems with the father of mine.

A hybrid is impossible,
My car runs on fossil fuels,
I'll never get a hybrid no it's not a point of whether I'm rich,
Things are starting to get rough,
Do you think you've had enough?
I wouldn't be so hard on you if you would just stop being such a bitch.

Mother nature do you want a piece?
Get the fuck out of here you've exceeded your lease,
We don't need you anymore,
You been released,
Our number of whores,
Has just decreased,
So for you I've got the same question,
Mother nature have you learnt your lesson?
Track Name: Simple Silence
My simple silence has just gone,
Things seem to go the other way,
Bring back the world that was ill born,
So you can all just go away,

Have I crossed both my legs tonight,
Visually impaired by choice,
My estimation's never right,
The arid feeling of my voice.

My simple silence has just gone,
Things seem to go the other way,
Bring back the world that was ill born,
So you can all just go away,

My simple silence has just gone,
Things seem to go the other way,
Bring back the world that was ill born,
So you can all just go away,
Track Name: Fire At God's Will
Was the first to come on land?
Who was the first to breathe the air and,
Feel the sand.

It took a little bit of courage to take that first step,
But no matter how you live you'll always have re-

Plague the surface of the earth,
Just like the stories we study to ex-
Plain, our birth,

It took a few million years to form underground,
It took a lot less time to dismiss what we,

We are the fortunate race,
We can always look back,
At what has gone,
At what we've done,

I don't want to believe,
This harmony,
Was intended to be,
It's not destiny,
It's my responsibility.

This is the end of the believable,
Where everything is known for sure,
Where the righteous are perceivable,
As the wrong and the cause of every war,
Oh it's the start of the questionable,
Where nothing is known for certain,
And everything is under control,
Because our fate is determined,
By us!

Those who know their point of origin don't know their destination,
Those who know their destination have sealed us to our fate,

They say that opposites attract,
But I can see it clearly,
Idiots love idiots that's a fact,
And the opposite's a theory.

The guy who,
Wrote the bible,
Needs to,
Make a correction,
And add in
human survival,
And Darwin's,
Fact of natural selection.

This ignorance,
Is something that I resent,
Is something that can prevent,
From breeding out the need for a brain,
And eventually,
Losing our position at the top of the food chain.

The elements,
Have a naturally occurring rate of decay,
Most religions,
Encourage a half life for the chance at a better day,
The irony,
Of losing our intelligence because of our intelligence,
Seems quite funny,
As does the clear link between church and naivete's relevance.

If I found his bones underground,
Then I would feel so blessed,
Judging from the past I can make a prediction,
We've got the twelve apostles and Jesus' fossil,
It's too real too tangible so it must be a test,
We're going round in circles it's another contradiction.
So if Jesus is real,
Then dinosaurs are real,
And if dinosaurs are real,
Then Jesus is not,

And if Jesus is not,
Then neither is God,
And if God's not real,
Then Jesus is wrong,

And if Jesus is wrong,
Then so is God,
And if God is wrong,
Then Jesus is gone,

And if Jesus is gone,
Then God is wrong,
And if god is wrong,
Then dinosaurs are too,

And if dinosaurs are wrong,
And Jesus is wrong,
And God is wrong,
Then I am confused,

And if I am confused,
And dinosaurs are wrong,
Then God's a dinosaur,
And I am God.